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Send us a photo of your favorite canine wearing one of our bandanas and we'll post it here, in our gallery!

Izzy or Isabelle - looking pretty in pink!!  She's on the lookout for something or someone!!

Nikko - she just doesn't hold still for photos!  Better yet - she just doesn't hold still - always chasing "sheep"!

Lucy W. - she loves her new bandana!!

Bo - having fun!!!

Buddy, our friend from North Carolina!!  Looking good!!

Rusty, our little black lab/beagle mix will grow into his bandana!  he looks so adorable!

Roxanne - yes, cats do wear our bandanas and look great!!  Roxanne's owner came back for more!

Milo is Harry's brother and is even by the holly tree!  He is so ready for the holidays and ready for Santa to come!

Here's Rusty without the toy in his mouth - isn't he just so squeezable!!  So cute!!  Makes me want a puppy!!!

Cheyenne's looking mighty handsome in our Pawprint bandana!!

Clint is ready for baseball season!  Batter Up!!!  Such a cutie! and so happy!

Eamon is wearing our favorite Peace bandana!  Those colors are looking good against his balck and tan!  And he knows as an Airedale, he's one of my favorites since I used to have one!!

Abigail Snickers So Sweet is wearing our Peace bandana.  Her human owner, Alexis says she is 41/2, friendly and likes to play with kids!  She has two cats, Lick and Ollie who Abigail will act like a mother to.  "Abigail really likes the scarves we got her and so do we."

Meet our new friend Grizzly.  His human owner Barbi picked up his Halloween Bandana at Minster Oktoberfest.

Check out Copper and Aspen in their Holiday Wear! 

Jake - He is ready to go for his walk in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.         GO Jake!